General audience

No, Senator Blumenthal, I am not a Big Tech lobbyist. (February 12, 2022, Tech Policy Press)

Facebook is an ad tech company. That’s how we should regulate it. (August 5, 2021, Tech Policy Press)

The digital frontier promised us a more open and democratic “new normal.” This isn’t it. (July 6, 2021, New America’s The Thread)

How well does your smartphone respect your rights ? (May 31, 2019, Ranking Digital Rights Medium channel)

Targeted advertising is ruining the internet and breaking the world (November 16, 2018, Motherboard)

Global inequality in your pocket: How cheap smartphones and lax policies leave us vulnerable to hacking (March 30, 2017, Global Voices Advox; republished by Slate on April 6, 2017 as Cheap smartphones leave the poor more vulnerable)

Are you upset about Russia interfering with elections? (March 20, 2017, Slate)

The Macron hack was a warning shot (May 7, 2017, Slate)

Journal articles

The Future of Platform Power: Fixing the Business Model (2021)

Better Processes Lead to Better Outcomes: Corporate Governance as a Tool to Address Misinformation (2021) (with Elizabeth Renieris and Jan Rydzak)

Networked Authoritarianism and the Geopolitics of Information : Understanding Russian Internet Policy (2017)

When Bots Tweet : Toward a Normative Framework for Bots on Social Networking Sites (2016)

Keeping the Internet Safe for Advocacy (2015)

First They Came for the Poor : Surveillance of Welfare Recipients as an Uncontested Practice (2015)

Ranking Digital Rights : Human Rights the Internet and the Fifth Estate (2015)

WikiLeaks and the Public Sphere (2013)

Policy papers, white papers, and more

Testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives’ Energy & Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Consumer Protection & Commerce (2021)

Testimony to the U.S. International Trade Commission on foreign censorship and human rights obligations for US-based companies (2021)

It’s the Business Model: How Big Tech’s Business Model is Distorting the Public Sphere and Threatening Democracy – A Report Series from Ranking Digital Rights (2020)

Part 1: It’s Not Just the Content, It’s the Business Model: Democracy’s Online Speech Challenge (March 2020) (with Ellery Roberts Biddle)

Part 2: Getting to the Source of Infodemics: It’s the Business Model (May 2020) (with Rebecca MacKinnon and Jessica Dheere)

Researching ICT Companies: A Field Guide for Civil Society Researchers (and everyone else!) (2018) (with Sarah T. Roberts)

Corporate Accountability for a Free and Open Internet (2016) (with Rebecca MacKinnon and Priya Kumar)

Book chapters

The Data Paradox : How the War on Poverty Became a War on the Poor (2017)

Progress and Peril : The Role of ICT Companies in Promoting and Curtailing Human Rights (2016) (with Priya Kumar and Revati Prasad)

Book reviews

“Free Expression, Globalism, and the New Strategic Communication,” by Monroe E. Price, and “US Power and the Internet in International Relations: The Irony of the Information Age,” by Madeline Carr (2017)

“Disruptive Power : The Crisis of the State in the Digital Age,” by Taylor Owen, and “The Real Cyber War: The Political Economy of Internet Freedom,” by Shawn M. Powers and Michael Jablonski (2016)

“The Undersea Network,” by Nicole Starosielski (2015)

“Information Politics : Liberation and Exploitation in the Digital Society,” by Tim Jordan (2015)

“Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy : The Many Faces of Anonymous,” by Gabriella Coleman (2015)


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